So.. Is anyone still alive?


Survival 5 is out

Hey guys

Great news for everyone!

Members get to play Survival:Escape which is episode 5!

Non Members like me can play Poptropicon!

if you are stuck on either islands,

you can go to the island tour pages and poptropica was kind enough to

create walkthroughs!


EDIT:Whoops, my bad 😛 Poptropicon wasn’t out. Couldn’t check as I was at my friends house and he had no PC

Who is in the….. blog?

Hey guys, I’m XxRobotboy/Invisible  Fly


I play poptropica,minecraft and clash of clans. My poptropica username is XxRobotboy, my minecraft is [CLASSIFIED] and my Clans name is [You really need to see this?] and my name is [Lol, I’m not telling]


I guess Thats all I could say..


I also live in Australia

Well, I’ll see you guys around!