New Shrink Ray Island and new costumes!

Hi everyone! HL here! Today Poptropica was talking about re-releasing Shrink Ray Island. Which is the code word for new SUI Island. Now it has a bigger screen and a all new soundtrack! Pretty cool huh? And the creators released two new costumes which are for members 😦 so I can’t get them yet. They released a Milk Box costume, and a Bottle Cap costume that look really cool! I really want them but they are for members only. I do like the spoon that the Milk Box costume is holding. I guess this is all for today. Bye guys!


Two new costumes!


Hi people!

This is me!

Hi everyone! I’m Happy Leopard but you can call me HL! Some of you might know me from my blog: Happy Leopard Poptropica Blog. I played Poptropica since I was in 2nd grade. I love collecting rares and glitches. I also play Transformice, and Minecraft. I post walkthroughs, glitches, and much much more! 😀 You can meet me on my chat or on the PHC I go to those chats often. I used to have membership but someone hacked me and canceled my membership. I guess this is the end of my first post! Thank you Riley for inviting me! Bye guys!