Benchow1 was the person that found out how to get the e.vile mask, game show island robot costumes, and a lot of other really rare accessories that are impossible to get for many glitchers around. (these are the items that originated from his account: e.vile mask, white robot face, zombie eyed bird mask, zombie eyes, ghost story island ghost man costume, police robot costume from game show island and samurai premium leader helmet.) 

He was like the best of the best. unfortunately, FS (FS is a guy that hacked many accounts and deleted everything from them, for no reason) hacked his account and started deleting stuff from benchow1’s account. Pixel (a really good glitcher (jcwarw3))realised this and managed to get benchow1’s account. She managed to clone some of the stuff that were in benchow1’s account after FS’s hacking.(She managed to get the e.vile mask, the white robot mask and the zombie eyed bird mask from benchow1.) After she got some stuff from it, FS continued to delete all the rare stuff from benchow1’s account. Some days passed and pixel gave the stuff to H.C.M, and then the e.vile mask and the white robot face started to be shared, until now. (now it’s a bit common, so is the white robot mask). Recently, Pixel gave me Benchow1’s account, so I can give it back to him, but I forgot the password, and Benchow1 asked me for it 2 days ago. The only hope benchow1 has to revive his account, is the creators. if they can’t help us, no one will.

(3 days after)

Benchow1 is back in the game !!!!! He is now the best upon others, he can revive and he will be the greatest


By KeithSammut

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